• Tuition Rates, 2019-2020:  $5,000 per student
  • Tuition may be paid annually, per semester, or monthly. A $100 discount will be given if tuition is paid annually.
  • There is a one-­time $100 Application Fee per new student and a $300 Books/Supplies fee per student, both of which are due upon admission.

Financial Aid:  If you think you are unable to afford the Full-Time tuition rate, you may apply for a tuition scholarship via the school’s F.A.S.T., Financial Aid for School Tuition, program.  F.A.S.T. is a third-party organization designed to help private schools objectively assess financial needs.

<< Click to apply for F.A.S.T

(Note: F.A.S.T. requires a $43, non-refundable application fee payable by MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.)