The purpose of this page is to provide various essays and books pertaining to education. Some documents are available for download, others are merely recommended for any who are interested.

Files for Download

     Adler, Mortimer J.:
          • What is Liberal Education?
          • Labor, Leisure, and Liberal Education

     Chrysostom, St. John.:
          • On Vainglory and The Right Way for Parents to Bring Up Their Children

     Darkey, William A.:
          • Translation as a Liberal Art

     Klein, Jacob:
         • On Liberal Education
         • The Idea of Liberal Education

          • On the Education of Children
          • Life of Lycurgus

          • 88th Letter to Lucilius – On liberal and vocational studies
          • 89th Letter to Lucilius – On the parts of philosophy

     Weil, Simone:
          • Reflections on the Right Use of School Studies

     St. Xenia Skete, the Sisters of:
          • Literature, Culture, and the Western Soul

Book Recommendations  (with links to  

     Gamble, Richard M.:
          • The Great Tradition

          • The Republic

     Hicks, David:
          • Norms and Nobility

     Brann, Eva T. H.:
        • Paradoxes of Education in a Republic

     Gregory, John Milton:
          • The Seven Laws of Teaching