About Us

Located on Indy’s west side (near the famous Indy 500 Speedway), Hagia Sophia Classical Academy (HSCA) is founded upon and guided by the enduring Christianity of the Orthodox Christian faith.  HSCA is a Classical Christian Academy. What, exactly, does this mean?

  • Hagia Sophia means “Holy Wisdom.” Our purpose, as a wisdom school, is to cultivate young men and women with souls oriented toward the Logos. What is this Logos? The ancient, educated Greeks, Romans and Hellenized Jews would speak of the ideal logos as the perfect expression of all things that are true, good and beautiful. During that same time, the Apostle and Evangelist John turned the world on its ear when he wrote that the Logos was a person: the very Son and Word of God who, for mankind’s sake actually became man and dwelt among us. The Logos, he revealed, was Jesus, the Christ, and in Him exists all truth, all goodness and all beauty whether it be natural, moral, philosophical or theological. In all our learning, the faculty and young scholars of HSCA search for truth, goodness and beauty because that leads us closer to the wisdom of the Logos.
  • Classical Christian Education means “a way of education that has endured for well over two millennia; a way of education that has been cultivated and nurtured by Christianity since the birth of the Church; a way of education that is liberating and timeless.” In other words, it means Orthodox Christian Education in its truest form.
  • Academy connotes both a society of lifelong learners united for the ongoing discovery of knowledge, understanding and wisdom and also a secure place (or garden) of training for its students.

Academically grounded in the seven Liberal Arts and the four Sciences, Hagia Sophia Classical Academy is committed to providing a fully liberal (liberating) and fully Orthodox education to young people in the Early Grammar, Late Grammar, Dialectic and Rhetoric levels (grades K – ­12).