Hierarchical Letter

abp.nathaniel-v2“[Hagia Sophia Classical Academy] will offer to students an opportunity to be educated by means of the seven liberal arts and four sciences based upon the foundation of Sacred Scripture in the tradition of the Orthodox Christian Faith and Classical Hellenic wisdom . . .  We whole-heartedly embrace the establishment of the Hagia Sophia Classical Academy and invite and encourage and exhort parents and guardians to support the Academy not only by enrolling their children but also by giving voluntary help, financial support and moral encouragement . . .  For decades, Church leaders have discussed the need for such schools as the Academy but little has been done. We are grateful to those initiators of the Hagia Sophia Classical Academy for their foresight, dedication and sacrifices to establish it and bless their intentions with our hierarchal blessing.

Dr. Nathaniel (Popp)
Archbishop of Detroit and
The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America and
The Orthodox Church in America

Read the original, unedited letter of endorsement and blessing that Archbishop Nathaniel sent to Hagia Sophia Classical Academy on August 22, 2011.