Grace DavisArt Teacher

    Magistra Davis earned a BA in French, a BA in Educational Psychology and an MA in Cultural Anthropology. Magistra Davis has worked with The IMA and Children’s Museum as Exhibit Designer, taught art at St.Richard’s, Galveston Art Center and The Oaks Academy. While working with Young Audiences Indiana, Grace designed and developed Young At Arts, an early learning arts program which received a national Best Practices Award for the organization. In Galveston Texas, Magistra Davis collaborated with marine and ornithological biologists to create Artist Boat, a program that takes students into estuaries and bay areas, where she taught watercolor practices in the wild. Grace recently published Bolivar Habitat Preserve Field and Curriculum Guide for Educators. When Grace is not in her studio painting cellos and violins for Metropolitan Youth Orchestra fundraisers, she cultivates and harvests a large herb and wildflower garden in a bird sanctuary she created in her backyard. This is where she sees God most intimately and shares her joyous labors in the kitchen and with her extraordinary Hagia Sophia art students.