Grace Gliege: Mastery

This interview was with Grace Gliege during her 7th grade year after a year’s absence from HSCA Christian Academy.

You went to a large private Christian school for a while and then came back to HSCA. What stands out to you about that experience?

At HSCA Christian Academy teachers spend more time with you. We learn deeply. Anything I’ve learned at HSCA, I’ve almost always remembered. It’s about mastery here. I get to take time and think about what things mean, then I make connections and remember.

Connections are really important. We use stories in Humane Letters and connect them to Science, Latin words and Christian Studies. Everything is connected so it has meaning.

At the other school it was about quantity. We learned separate things in different classes, moved on, and never went over it again. We studied 52 African countries in two weeks and I hardly remember anything. We just studied lots of facts: this is what happened on this day, this is a scientist’s name and what he did, then we move on.

HSCA Christian Academy is about full understanding, remembering and wisdom. Wisdom is different because you work and repeat, then connect to other knowledge and go over it again with that new connection. That’s how I want to learn. Learning wisdom is discovering truth, beauty and goodness. There is a nice, satisfied and complete feeling about that.