Resources for Homeschool Parents

HSCA Christian Academy offers a Homeschooler Resource Day with specialty courses to extend your curriculum.

We understand the hard work and love given by parents who teach homeschool students. To support homeschool families, we offer specialized courses for parents to add to their curriculum.

Benefits of HSCA Homeschool Parent Support

  • Specialty classes
  • Christian values
  • Social connections
  • Classical education
  • Expert educators

Subjects Offered

Christian Studies

  • The fundamental stories of the faith
  • How to read and interpret scripture
  • Walking the faith
  • Expressing the faith


  • Choral music
  • Ear training
  • Vocal technique
  • Music theory

PE & Gymnastics

  • Physical balance and coordination
  • Mental focus and attention
  • Physical conditioning


  • Elements of design (points, lines, shapes, color)
  • Principles of design (unity, harmony, balance)
  • Art History
  • Beauty in expression