A Strong Mind
& Heart

HSCA Christian Academy offers an exceptional academic experience for K-12 children residing in Central Indiana. Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom. Knowledge leading to Wisdom cultivates a strong mind and heart.

Learning that Lasts

HSCA teaches deep knowledge, not just data or information. This is knowledge with meaning and durability in mind. Our students call this “mastery,” and it inspires love of learning.

Christian Values & Virtues

We help a child discover that knowledge and virtue go together. Virtue is the soul of Knowledge.

Integrated Learning

Our academics integrate learning across all disciplines. By interconnecting all subjects, our Classical education helps a child make sense of what they are learning for greater understanding and insight.

Social Development

HSCA cultivates a community of belonging where children are loved by teachers and supported and encouraged by their peers.

Partners with Parents

HSCA weaves together learning from home, church and school. We believe the values a child experiences during the long hours of school are increasingly important in today’s world of drifting values.


A wise person is one who sees more. Children learn this greater “sight” by discovering that the source of all Wisdom is Christ Himself.

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A Strong Mind & Heart