HSCA Classical Education

HSCA Classical Education


HSCA Christian Academy…

Teaches deep Knowledge, not just data or information

Emphasizes Purpose and meaning in all subjects

Features the Integration of learning across all disciplines

Emphasizes Virtue to prepare students for life and for Wisdom

Teaches that Wisdom is the source and goal of all knowledge


Knowledge that Matters

Learning that Lasts

We want our children to remember what they learn. Current educational trends push high volume information in short periods of time. Sometimes called “cramming,” students soon forget.  We teach with durability in mind (we call it “Mastery”), so that learning “sticks.”

Truth Isn’t Relative

We don’t want our students to learn that truth is just the latest trend or opinion. Secular society teaches that knowledge is “relative.” But knowledge without truth becomes overwhelmed by passing opinions. Knowledge without beauty has no awe or joy. Knowledge without goodness is hopeless. We teach our students that knowledge reflects authentic truth, beauty and goodness.

How Do You Know?

With the secularization of society, there is an impulse to believe knowledge is only what can be verified by quantifiable science. Our Classical education puts high value on the scientific method and teaches essential ways of transcendent knowledge revealed to humanity by God.


Purpose Transforms Education

Truth, Beauty & Goodness

  • We teach that there is authentic truth. If truth is absent, education suffers in purposeless fate.
  • Our students are taught to cultivate beauty. An education that fails to integrate knowledge and beauty lacks inspiration.
  • Our students are guided to detect goodness and its design. Education that overlooks goodness can’t comprehend hope.

Purpose & Student Value

We help our young scholars learn their own and each other’s deep-seated value. For secular educators, the purpose of child education is to fulfill a function in society. This coldly “practical” and utilitarian way of seeing humans leaves the student unfulfilled and in the most important sense, uneducated. We teach our children they have infinite value, with purpose that is boundless.

Information vs. Meaning

Empty facts, without meaning or purpose, don’t inspire children. At HSCA, we recognize children’s hunger for meaning and purpose. We work to feed that hunger in the way we impart knowledge.


Integration Connects the Dots

Connecting All Subjects Together

A complete education embraces the relationship between all topics. Our math, humanities, arts and sciences are integrated. The relationships between the disciplines provide a woven meaning, rather than a glut of fragmented information. Interconnected knowledge reveals truth, goodness and beauty leading to awe and wonder.

Integration Means Child Adaptability

By learning to interconnect knowledge, our students are prepared for life-long learning and flexibility. With a fast-changing world, students need mental adaptability. A student who studies and learns to connect new knowledge with other disciplines will be a creative, adaptive adult.

The Integrated Student

Integrated learning helps students connect the dots and develop into wise adults. The purpose of our Classical education is to teach the whole integrated person: mind, heart and body.


Virtue Is Essential in Education

Virtue vs. Value-Neutral

There is no such thing as a values-neutral education. When education separates virtue from learning, it has the effect of ripping away the soul of knowledge. Our teachers help a child discover that learning and virtue are necessary for a healthy, emotionally secure life.

Virtue Supports Parents

Children spend most of their daytime hours under the influence of teachers and student peers. We want to reinforce virtues taught at home and church so that parents are supported. We believe this parental support is increasingly important to our children in today’s world.

Virtue in Student Relationships

At HSCA, children learn the virtues of kindness, honor and empathy for their fellow students. We help our students learn to support each other in difficulties and triumphs. Within this ethic of mutual encouragement, there is no oxygen for mistreatment or bullying.


Wisdom Is the Goal

Holy Wisdom

The school’s name is Hagia Sophia Classical Academy. Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom. We teach that perfect Wisdom is Christ himself. He is the perfect Man – our example. He is the Word of Truth (Logos). He shows us good, truthful, beautiful Wisdom. At HSCA we believe education can point young people toward knowledge with Wisdom.

Who Are the Wise?

The wise are those who see more. They have unusual insights, though in humility they may not be aware of their Wisdom. They obtain the ability to recognize something “beyond.” This is the goal of education at HSCA: to teach children – mind, heart and body, to acquire knowledge in a way that leads to Wisdom.

Ageless Wisdom

Contemporary education assumes knowledge from the past is weak in relevance and most likely obsolete. HSCA teaches that Wisdom connects students to bigger knowledge, by integrating modern sources of information to Wisdom that has stood the test of time.

Life for Your Soul: Proverbs 3:19

The Lord by Wisdom founded the earth; by understanding He established the heavens; by His knowledge the deeps broke forth, and the clouds drop down the dew. My son, keep sound Wisdom and discretion; let them not escape from your sight, and they will be life for your soul and adornment for your neck.

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