HSCA: A Tremendously Positive Impact on Children

Hagia Sophia Classical Academy has already had a tremendously positive impact on our children. It has met our children right where they are academically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The school does this through their philosophy of teaching deep knowledge, emphasizing purpose and meaning throughout all subjects, integrating learning across all disciplines, emphasizing virtue to prepare students for life and wisdom which serves as the goal of all knowledge.  This provides an environment that challenges our children to achieve their personal best.

Following this philosophy, the teachers and staff deeply care for all aspects of our children’s growth. By beginning and ending the day in prayer, they believe in each of our children’s uniqueness and they truly invest their time to foster their gifts. At the same time the students aid in each others’ growth as well. The small class sizes allow students of all age levels to regularly interact with each other. The older students serve as role models to the younger students and the younger students learn to respect and communicate with their older peers.

Hagia Sophia has instilled the love of learning such that our children look forward to what each day will bring.