This Scholarship Fund is in memory of Molly Virginia Brickel, whose patron Saint is St. Marina of Antioch (known in the West as St. Margaret of Scotland).

Molly demonstrated a deep love for people, and consistently extended a helping hand or an encouraging word to others, especially children. Her own nieces and nephews were often the recipients of her love, empathy and support.

In Molly’s memory and her desire to help others, donations to this Scholarship Fund will provide tuition for students who want to attend Hagia Sophia Classical Academy, but need financial help to do so. The funds are administered in a Work/Study Program, so that recipients participate toward the support and functioning of the Academy.

All donations are tax exempt and are administered directly through Hagia Sophia Classical Academy, Indianapolis, IN.

May God bless this endeavor abundantly in His Kingdom.

To make a MONTHLY RECURRING donation to the scholarship fund, please use the form below.

Hagia Sophia Classical Academy is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. No benefit is bestowed upon donors in exchange for contributions…other than the joy of giving to Hagia Sophia.