Zachary WaltzHeadmaster

    Magister Waltz has been in classical education since 2008, first as a scholar at the prestigious St. John’s College, and then  as a teacher at Hagia Sophia Classical Academy. As Headmaster, Zachary Waltz oversees the daily operations at Hagia Sophia and implements the school’s mission to cultivate students with strong minds and hearts. Whether in or out of school, Zachary’s joy is to bring all the tools he has learned from his classical education to help his neighbor flourish. He sees the school as a unique place where such flourishing is possible, and he is rewarded every day at the Academy, seeing this transformation take place: a student struggling with math learns to master it, a shy student learns to perform publicly, an angry and recalcitrant student learns to obey. It is for this reason that he continues to dedicate himself with joy to Hagia Sophia.