Randy Evans: The Gem

I refer to HSCA as “the gem on 16th Street,” because each child is like a precious gemstone. I believe providing our children with an excellent Orthodox Christian education is not an option – it [...]

Gabriel Weiner: First Things

12th Grade, a graduating Senior. This interview with Gabriel Weiner was conducted in the Fall of his HSCA graduation year. Gabriel continues his higher education at Indiana University. Q: What is [...]

Mark Clevenger: Integration

Integration is one of the five key principles at HSCA Christian Academy. Here are few reasons we feel Integration is so important at HSCA.   Making Knowledge Whole The modern trend in [...]

Grace Gliege: Mastery

This interview was with Grace Gliege during her 7th grade year after a year’s absence from HSCA Christian Academy. You went to a large private Christian school for a while and then came back to [...]