Abby WarrenScience Teacher

    Magistra Warren completed her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience. As a young student, Magistra Warren disliked much of her science curriculum, but was later inspired by teachers in her primary education to pursue science. From these encouraging teachers, she developed a passion for learning, both within and outside science. She has been teaching at HSCA since 2020, working with upper middle school students in the disciplines of Physical Science and Earth Science. Magistra Warren hopes to enlighten students with a love for science, and to use this love to abound their wonder for our Creator. Outside of the classroom, Magistra Warren enjoys literature, cooking, music, and art, and believes the beauty of the sciences can likewise be found in classic humanities disciplines. In addition to her teaching at HSCA, Magistra Warren works in the field of molecular biology and genetics as a research associate at an Indianapolis-based biosciences start-up.